4 ways in which you can effectively manage your work and parenting tasks

Working and parenting can be tedious tasks to handle if not managed properly because there is a lot of time and effort that needs to be put in. If you are someone who is responsible for maintaining a work career as well as raising children and a family, then the daunting task of fulfilling the myriad of responsibilities that are associated with the two can be quite a challenge. The following steps are listed to suggest how you can balance work and parenting.

Time management

Managing your time is essential in order to keep your tasks in order and help you organize yourself. Keeping a calendar or a planner for both your career and family will help you give equal priority to each and include a schedule that has both responsibilities of work and family involved so that you do not miss out on any. You can plan out your mornings for example, the night before by picking out your day’s outfit for office and perhaps pre-pack your lunch the night before. Waking up an hour earlier than anyone else can give some time for yourself and will be refreshing if you use it to exercise, read or simply enjoy a cup of coffee. If telecommuting is an option that your employer can give, then working even a few hours per week will be helpful in spending time with your children or to do some housework considering the time taken for commuting and so on.

Getting involved in children’s education and extra activities

It is important for parents to be involved in a child’s education and growth and this is why making sure to help your children with their homework will not only help their academic well being but will also help the parent-children bond get much stronger. You can use your own sick leaves to be used when your children have any special concerts, parent’s teachers meetings or functions that you need to go to.

Delegating tasks

It will be helpful if all members of the family are kept aware of each other’s responsibilities especially if the home environment is busy with children. At a small age, children need to be guided to be responsible for certain manageable chores such as personal hygiene that is brushing their teeth unsupervised or taking showers and so on. This will take off or lessen your work load at the same time teach your children to be responsible and independent.

Family time

Making the most out of the little family time you do get at home must be used efficiently, that means that it is important to focus on family when at home and leave work at work. Turning off your mobile phone and not checking your mail are small things that can be avoided during family time as this distracts you from talking and being in the moment with the people you love.

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