3 tips on how to maintain a proper work life balance

One of the most difficult decisions that most career oriented people face is how to find a balance between a perfect career and a family life that is happy and healthy. The answer is simple if it is executed well, planning ahead and making efficient use of time will help you prioritize and organize your life properly.


The first most important choice that you have to make is to decide what is important to you. Of course, both family and work are important however, as the need arises, you will have to make conscious choices on how to balance your commitment to one another and your time allocated for each will have to change accordingly. This is all about the perspective; sometimes the way you think makes all the difference so set your priorities in order. Take time to watch your children’s football game or plan a holiday with the family but at the same time making sure that you put in your 100% in to work during work hours. This works both ways.

Work goals

There is no need to be smothered with work at office; here too, it is important to have realistic goals that are achievable along with all the other commitments you have made for yourself too. When you achieve these goals and succeed, the rewards will naturally spill over in to your personal and family life as well. Work goals will differ from short term to long term. Short term goals may be something that you would want to accomplish within the next month, perhaps to increase efficiency in your department by introducing a new and novel way to approach a problem. Long term goals would usually take a longer time to achieve for example, a promotion in 1 year to climb up the professional ladder, or a raise. These will keep you focused and motivated to make use of your work time efficiently and effectively.

Personal goals

It is equally important to have personal goals for life too. These can affect your life and those around you positively. Personal growth such as learning something new or taking up a hobby or honing your hidden talents can help you be more creative as well as tactful because unknowingly these new things that you learn can be applied in order to do old tasks or solve a problem at hand by looking at it in a different perspective. You could also look for more long term goals such as getting married or having children or even buying a new house as goals that are achievable and need to achieved in a given time period. This will take you close to your goals gradually.

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