3 steps to include yoga in your lifestyle and its benefits

Yoga is one of the most popular forms of physical exercise all over the world now. Yoga for most people is not just a soothing workout routine but it is also a lifestyle and a path to spirituality for most. Like most other exercises, apart from learning various poses and breathing techniques, yoga needs to be a regular and consistent practice that can cultivate the physical, mental and spiritual parts of a person. A few steps to get started are listed below:

Enroll in a yoga class

In order to make yoga a daily routine of your lifestyle, you will have to enroll in a yoga class. You can do this by joining a yoga studio or a gym where you can gradually practice and prepare yourself to feel better, relaxed and well. There are many reasons as to why someone would want to start yoga, one key reason being how it will positively impact your mind and body. It will help your body be more flexible and toned at the same time very relaxed. Some have also proven to help reduce weight. The costs of joining a yoga class will not break the bank as there are many offers and weekly/monthly programs that are not too expensive for anyone to join.

Poses to learn

As a beginner, there are some basic poses that you will have to know and include poses such as Cat-Cow and the Downward Dog poses. Most of these basic poses are easy to learn and once you keep practicing, your body too will get accustomed to various positions. It may take some time for you to catch up with the others but taking it slow and being patient is important. If at any point, you find a pose too challenging, be sure to sit aside and take your own time to learn and practice. Never overdo.

Breathing techniques

Breathing is one of the most important components in yoga and learning how to breathe well and correctly, especially when holding certain poses are important. The basic technique is called the three part breath and involve breathing in and out of your nose deep in to the belly. This is a continuous breath and may take some time to learn. The ultimate aim of doing yoga is to quiet the mind, increase self awareness and consciousness and relax. So enjoy practicing it and don’t get stressed if you have trouble mastering some of the poses, after all, getting stressed and worried defeats the whole purpose of yoga.

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